Can Software Be Leased and Financed?

Many businesses, both small and large do not realize that software can be leased or financed. Although software financing is unique in some manner, in general it has many similarities to equipment leasing.

It is also proper to ensure that right finance firm is utilized, as many lenders are somewhat risk averse to financing this asset. However, many others are looking for business in this area!

Contrary to popular opinion software as an asset in many cases has more value that a depreciating hard asset. It has also been confusing for lenders when it comes to the registration of collateral under Canadian PPSA (PERSONAL PROPERTY SECURITY ACT) legislation.

In its broadest term the financing or leasing of software that can’t be transferred to another user. The business owner does also of course not own any development rights in the software. Software financing is treated as a financing mechanism, it is not a true lease per se.

Some additional key points around the technicality of software leasing/finance are as follows:

The right of a customer to use the software gives the company no right in the intellectual property surrounding the developers rights in the software code. The best example of this is when we look at our EXCEL spreadsheets that we use in finance and home matters. We use the software, but Microsoft of course owns it.

The problem in the past around the financing of software revolved around the fact that lenders did not know how to collateralize and register their security. Under current PPSA legislation intangibles and software can be collateralized. Therefore the software financing lender/lessor can be very confident that the software can be collateralized.

At the heart of the software financing issue is the true value of the software to the business owner. He runs his business on it, i.e CRM programs, office software, manufacturing software, etc. Software lease payments tend to be made since the asset is indispensable to the value and on going concern of the business. Unless companies are liquidated in total bankruptcy most lessors and finance firms recover fully on their software leasing – Source – Journal of Equipment Leasing In many business bankruptcies the software lessor or lender is treated as a secured creditor.

Also key to the software financing issue is that many software firms offer maintenance, support, and updates around their product. This enhances the lenders asset as it is used for longer lengths of time, and often constantly upgraded. Quite frankly it becomes less obsolete than computer hardware!

Many software lessors and lenders also finance the service and maintenance contracts associated with their customers software acqusition.

We do acknowledge in this article that it is more difficult to finance customized software although it is possible based on the overall credit strength of the borrower. Many customized software deals are done with only investment grade borrowers where credit risk is minimal. Many smaller ticket lessors and lenders however do now lease software. In general these transactions are full payout capital leases.

In summary, software lease financing is available and should be considered by every business owner in the same context as a capital equipment finance transaction. The computer hardware industry has grown with leasing, and the software industry is doing that also. The same considerations an owner gives to lease vs buy apply to a software finance acquisition.

Commercial Loan Financing – Funding Business Growth

Actually, traditional financing may not be the only way of getting money or borrowing money that your need in order to move forward with your projects or business. You can look for commercial financing loan from a lender who specializes in funding your projects.

Commercial financing loan are designed only for business purposes and they understand the business that you do where in they regularly work with business like yours.

The commercial financing loan is available for wide variety of projects and can be approved far more quickly than traditional bank loans. So in finding a commercial financing loan, be sure that you are working with a great lender that is willing and able to work with you to smooth out the process of growing your business knowing that there are other business professionals which are not sure where to look for in order to find the right commercial financing loan that they need.

To be sure, try to ask from your friends or relatives if they know of a reputable commercial loan financing where you can be at ease and help you with your problem in financing loan for your business. Take note that commercial loan financing is also known as commercial mortgage financing.

Before anything else or looking for the commercial loan financing, you need to organize, plan and complete the detailed business plan to get commercial financing loan since the lenders want to know extremely the details of your proposed business ventures before they could help you. You need to show them your targets and describe to them in details how you will run or operate your business. Show the lender how many people you need to work with you on your business, monthly expenses, and estimated profit and how you intend your business to generate cash flow.

You need to have a complete economic and cash flow assessment in order to gain the commercial loan financing and show them how your business future will be good in the area where you wish your business to start. If the lender find your business effective through your cash flow assessment that means you know how to manage the money then for sure they can help you with your business.

Don’t go to one commercial loan financing but instead go out and shop for it and compare their interest rates, term and conditions so that you can get the best commercial loan financing that suit best to your needs. What is important in commercial loan financing is that they are trustworthy, reliable lender who knows you, your goals and your needs. You need to have a solid relationship with the lenders so that you feel as t ease and can ask a lower interest rate as possible.

Always be aware but most of the commercial loan financing always look for your credit score or records and you need to clear that first before applying for a commercial loan financing.

6 Online Social Media Jobs That Pay Up to $50 Per Hour (No Experience Required)

Social media has changed the way we communicate with one another. No longer do we have to wait to see friends and family; instead, we use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc., to keep in touch 24/7. It’s no wonder then that these platforms have also become hot spots for some of the best online social media jobs that can be done from home on your own schedule. While there are many options to choose from, here are six that pay up to $50 per hour!

Become a social media manager
Becoming a social media manager is a great way to make an income from home. But the best part about this work? There are no educational requirements and you don’t need any experience in order to get started. So, how do you become a social media manager?

Become an influencer manager
Becoming an influencer manager means not only being involved in the day-to-day operations of your company but also partnering with influencers to grow their brand as well. The best part about becoming an influencer manager is that this position doesn’t require any experience at all. Anyone can become a great social media marketing professional simply by using the tactics they teach you in influencer marketing courses and reading articles on influential management.

Become a cryptocurrency arbitrage trader
A cryptocurrency arbitrage trader is an individual who takes advantage of the price difference between two different markets for a certain currency. For example, if one market for Bitcoin has a price of $10,000 and another market has a price of $15,000, you can buy from the first market and sell to the second at the same time. When you do this, it means that you will be able to make some extra money on top of what you might normally make as a trader.

Become a product tester
Have you ever had a product break on you, and thought, Wouldn’t it be great if I could give feedback about this before another customer bought it? If so, then becoming a product tester is the perfect opportunity for you. There are many companies that need people to put their products through their paces. These can include anything from video games and clothes to knives and fitness gear. All they want in return is your honest feedback!

Become a freelance writer on online publishing platforms
So many companies are looking for writers these days, thanks to the digital world. There are now several opportunities available for you as a freelance writer, from social media jobs that pay up to $50 per hour (no experience required), to writing product descriptions for e-commerce sites.

Become an app promoter
This is one of the easiest social media jobs. All you need is a computer, a Facebook account, and an understanding of how apps work. When you promote an app in order to get new downloads for the developer, you will get paid every time someone downloads and installs the app from your link. The more successful the app is, the more money you make!

How to Land a High-Paying Social Media Job with No Experience

It can be challenging to make ends meet when you’re trying to raise a family and pay the rent, especially if you have no experience or education in the field of social media and digital marketing. Luckily, there are many high-paying jobs out there waiting for you if you have the right skills and know how to go about finding them. This guide on how to land a high-paying social media job with no experience will teach you all the tips and tricks of finding these opportunities in your area and landing that job once you do!

Why you should use Instagram

Use Instagram as an introduction to the world of social media. It doesn’t require as much technical knowledge, but can be an effective way of connecting with your customers. Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media platforms and you might be wondering how it’s possible to make money on it. The easiest way to start making money is by getting sponsored posts. If you’re interested in creating your own social media agency for personal or business purposes, this is the perfect place to start!

Learn About the Business World

Have you thought about working in the business world? But have no idea where to start? You’re not alone. Whether you’re entering this field for the first time or looking for a new opportunity, it can be hard to navigate. Fortunately, there are various resources available today to help you find your perfect career fit.

Get Some Recommendations

Below are five tips for finding the perfect social experience for you: 1. Offer to complete tasks related to the job you want. 2. Read all information about the opportunity. 3. Apply for open positions and wait for instructions from the employer before sending a follow-up email. 4. Create an online profile of your work history, educational background, and other personal details that matter most when researching jobs in this field. 5.

Try Out a Few Different Ideas

The first thing you need is a reliable internet connection and computer, such as a PC or Mac. You will also need the right software, such as Google Drive or Microsoft Office.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Read Self-Help Books

Self-help books can offer the most important knowledge you need in order to accomplish your goals. Try reading books like

#1 The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill

#2 The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

#3 Start With Why by Simon Sinek

The more you put into self-help, the more you will come out of it. These books and blogs are some examples that have helped me achieve my dreams and hope they do the same for you!